Report Graffiti

Report Graffiti

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Graffiti Details
  1. We are responsible for the removal of graffiti from Council properties and designated public areas. We are also able to remove graffiti from private and commercial properties subject to a charge.

    How quickly will the graffiti be removed?
    • Offensive graffiti on areas that we are responsible for will be removed within 1 working day
    • All other graffiti will be removed on a cyclical basis
  2. * Is the graffiti abusive, obscene, or racist?
  1. * Please confirm where the graffiti has occurred
  2. Please use the map below to identify the location of the graffiti:
    1. Search for location

      Search for the approximate location:

      When you have finished click the arrow to go to the next step.

    2. Pinpoint on map

      Move and zoom the map then drag and drop the pin opposite to locate the incident you wish to report.

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