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Join Garden Waste Service

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  1. Please note, due to the current national situation bin deliverys may take up to 6 weeks. Your contract will not start until your bin is delivered.
  1. This is the city-wide brown wheelie bin/paper based compostable sacks subscription service for fortnightly collections of garden waste. Please note that the brown bin should be presented on your green wheelie bin collection day.

    The service offers a 240 litre brown wheelie bin for your garden waste.

    Alternatively, for those Customers who currently have Lilac sacks instead of Wheelie Bins for general waste, we can offer the option for you to buy paper sacks for your Garden Waste. Please click here if you would like to purchase paper sacks for your garden waste.

    Please Note - If you have previously subscribed to the service and that subscription has since expired (and relates to the same property), your contract start date will be back dated to the original renewal date.

    If Oxford City Council have removed your bin because you contaminated it you will need to wait 3 months before you can subscribe again.
  2. Please view our Garden Waste Collection Scheme page for more details on the scheme and to read our list of Frequently Asked Questions.
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